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Drag Cartel S2000 oil pump for Kseries

Drag Cartel S2000 oil pump for Kseries

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The Performance Oil Pump is designed for the Honda K-series engines. This oil pump gives the Honda K-series engines the ability to run above 9000 RPM without cavitation. This product is the combination of a Honda F-series oil pump with a Performance adapter kit. This conversion requires a Honda K24 oil pump chain, tensioner, and oil pan.

Requires the following Honda part numbers for proper install:
 02-06 RSX Oil Baffle Plate -  11221-PNC-000

• K24 Oil Chain Tensioner -13450-RAA-A02
• K20 Oil Pump Guide – 13460-PNC-004 / Bolt x2 90004-PNA-000
• K24 Oil Chain –13441-PNA-004
• Honda 04-08 TSX OEM Oil Pan or Acura 02-06 RSX Steel Oil Pan

Steel Oil Pan is required for install and clearance of oil pump


K24, K20

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